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Karista is an early-stage venture capital firm created in 2001. We funded 90+ companies over the past two decades and support tomorrow’s game changers in the field of Health, Digital, Tech, and NewSpace.

We have always worked to provide more than cash and partnered with entrepreneurs whom we share a common vision with.




By combining digital design, bio-based materials, and modular manufacturing, Vestack is a PropTech company producing buildings faster and at lower cost, while drastically reducing the building’s environmental footprint.



Exotrail’s mission is to deliver agility to the space industry. The company provides mission simulation and operation software, high thrust and flexible electric propulsion systems, and on-orbit transfer vehicles.



MoveUp develops data-driven personalized remote digital care for post-acute out-patients, delivering similar clinical outcomes at a lower cost, while enabling healthcare professionals to focus on more complex patients or urgent situations. 

WARNING: false subscription forms usurping the identity of Karista

We would like to draw your attention to the existence of false subscription forms usurping the identity of Karista. These subscription forms for “ECD” and “ICD” passbooks, despite their ressemblance to a genuine subscription document already countersigned, do not in any way emanate from our management company. We never sign a subscription document in advance. […]

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AppScho partners with Ready Education to become the global leader

AppScho, the French leader in mobile application solutions for students and higher education institutions, is partnering with Ready Education, a global industry leader, to create the largest provider of student engagement platforms: 4.5 million students from 525+ institutions will be served across 21 countries. AppScho is thus in line with a global economy in full transformation, where EdTech occupies a predominant place.