Karista is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in ambitious projects

For the past 20 years, we have been backing and guiding more than 100 companies from inception to success in Health, Digital, Technology and NewSpace. Because we believe that investment is not only about money but mainly about people, we provide support to our founders and entrepreneurs very early-on.

We come from different backgrounds and bring various skills to help nurturing our portfolio companies on many levels. We are currently deploying three European early stage funds: our Karista’s Fourth Fund, the Paris Region Venture Fund sponsored by the Paris Region and the European Commission, and our SpaceTech fund sponsored by CNES and focusing on NewSpace.
MoveUp Founders team
Changing digital care before and after orthopaedic surgeries

We invest in people

Since 2001, we have always worked to provide more than cash. We care about the human beings who stand behind each and every project, looking after their uniqueness. We truly think that successes and unicorns cannot be done alone and need team reinforcement all the way along. Attracting and hiring the best people is a tough job and one of the key success factors. We help you structure your team so you can grow and scale your business. Dialogue and expertise along with a strong network are the core values of our operational know-how.

We believe in game changers

We are risk takers. Our thirst for innovation pushes us to believe in bold projects with strong value propositions. We choose to support companies ready to impact their market and make a difference to the users’ lives.

i-lunch employees team celebrating
Fraiche Cancan
Offering employees access to fresh and good quality food
Vestack founders team
Reinventing construction to build better cities

We share a common vision

Being onboard together means fully sharing the same vision and collectively working toward that goal. Most of the time, we are the first believers, the first betting on your vision. As a result, building a respectful and stimulating dialogue together with entrepreneurs and co-investors has always been a top priority for us.

We co-create

Early investment is a choice driven by a strong belief: help companies to structure properly is a fundamental for future success. As a lead or co-lead, we generally ask for a board seat to provide expertise, support and network.
Day-to-day we are deeply involved with the founding team on key areas: sales and business development, marketing, recruitment, etc. We take on the mission to stand aside our companies in key moments to guide them to success.

Exotrail employees seminar posing outside
Developing mobility solutions for an agile space