Space is becoming a fundamental axis of digital transformation for businesses. Miniaturization and new technologies enabled a disruption called NewSpace creating an economic opportunity as important as the rise of the internet in the 90’s.

Satellites are sending crucial information on Earth that have an impact on ALL industries: from finance to transportation & logistics, agriculture, or telecom. Disruptive analytics and big data from NewSpace dynamics are bringing new solutions transforming the way global companies are doing business.

Our mission is to find, fund and support leading SpaceTech companies strongly impacting the space value chain from system development to collection, processing and communication of data.

Initial investment

€500k to €2.5m

We invest in

Seed & Series A startups


We are a long-term financial partner and invest up to €6m

Geographic Scope


Some of our startups in NewSpace


Mobility solutions for an agile space

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