ESG Policy


With this charter, Karista demonstrates its commitment to responsible and sustainable investment.

This charter symbolizes a first step in terms of ESG maturity for the management company. Karista has the ambition to make evolve its commitments as needed, in order to give a strategic place to the integration of ESG criteria in its investment decisions and its internal organization.

Karista, a signatory of the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment), is committed to responsible and sustainable investment and to reporting on its efforts in a transparent manner.

The present charter, signed by Karista, constitutes the company's commitments and expectations with regard to its investments and management in terms of ESG. The funds concerned by this charter are currently CapDecisif III, CapDecisif IV and CosmiCapital which are "article 6 SFDR".

This charter takes into account the stage of maturity of the companies in which the funds invest, mainly companies in the early stages of financing (e.g. seed, series A).


1 - Karista is committed to developing the ESG expertise of its employees

An ESG awareness program enables them to understand ESG issues at all stages of an investment's life and to regularly monitor the ESG performance of investments.

2 - Karista is committed to applying a strict exclusion policy, both in terms of sectors and practices

This policy is based on the following objectives:
- Compliance with national and international regulations; and
- Total consistency with Karista's ambitions and strategy of responsible and sustainable investment

3 - Karista is committed to conducting an ESG analysis for all investment proposals presented to the Investment Advisory Committee

In the context of co-investments, Karista may share this information with its co-investors, if relevant.

4 - Karista is committed to regularly monitoring ESG in its portfolio companies

Formal and informal discussions are held with the managers and ESG officers of the portfolio companies on all ESG components.

5 - Karista is committed to objectively measuring the ESG performance of its investments and reporting on it to its subscribers (LPs)

ESG reporting is published annually and shared with the subscribers of the funds concerned.