Karista invests in 10Lines - 3 questions to Emmanuel Daugeras

Karista invests in 10Lines - 3 questions to Emmanuel Daugeras

Could you describe the company, its potential, and its market?

10 Lines is the leader in robotic solutions for road and car park marking. The company offers a combination of planning software and marking robots that are unique on the market. The automation made possible by 10 Lines will profoundly transform the marking services business, a $7 billion-a-year industry in the USA that is cruelly short of manpower.

What motivated your investment?

10 Lines offers a combination of strengths that we find unique: -The team is experienced in the target market and the world of start-ups -The products and services offered have very high added value for customers and are unique in the market -The business model is highly virtuous while ensuring a high ROI for customers.  

How does this investment fit with Karista's philosophy?

10 Lines is an ideal case of investing in the downstream space economy, which is at the heart of our strategy. The quality of the team, the size of the market, the business model, and the limited need for capital to create value quickly convinced us.

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