Karista invests in L'Atout - 3 questions to Yvan-Michel Ehkirch

Karista invests in L'Atout - 3 questions to Yvan-Michel Ehkirch

In a few words, could you introduce the company, its potential, and its market?

Purchasing power and quality of life at work are at the heart of employees' concerns. Actually, traditional players, focused on TSP (Titres Spéciaux de Paiement) and earmarked money, are struggling to innovate. Companies are part of a major trend in the employment market: marking employer benefits as key advantages for employees and candidates. L'Atout is a Paris-based company whose mission is to develop and market a centralized platform for employee benefits, enabling employers to promote and manage these benefits simply and clearly. Banque as a Service's technologies are ripe for developing this new offering and simplifying user access.

L'Atout is a company with a mission, targeting the French and European markets. The depth and size of the market are already very significant in France (between €8.8 billion and €11.4 billion for luncheon vouchers, gifts, and mobility alone) and is close to €70 billion in Europe.

What motivated your investment?

The management team of L'Atout had already been very successful in a comparable market with their previous company, Comiteo, acquired by Natixis. They are well-versed in technical and commercial developments, as well as strategic partnerships. L'Atout's innovative platform provides effective support for the deployment and use of employee benefits. Thanks to L'Atout, the human resources management system (HRMS) has been revamped.

How does this investment fit in with Karista's philosophy?

Karista has implemented an ESG policy for itself and its holdings, and we are convinced that the overall performance of companies depends on careful management of human capital. Software platforms that target the high-impact issues of sustainable employment are among the targets of the Paris Region Venture Fund, which made this investment. Born in the Paris Region, L'Atout is targeting all companies in the region to make life (really) better for employees in the region, France and Europe.

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