AppScho partners with Ready Education to become the global leader

AppScho, the French leader in mobile application solutions for students and higher education institutions, is partnering with Ready Education, a global industry leader, to create the largest provider of student engagement platforms: 4.5 million students from 525+ institutions will be served across 21 countries.

From French start-up to international leader

Since 2014, AppScho has accompanied and supported the everyday lives of hundreds of thousands of students and their institutions with its “mobile campus” solution that brings all academic content together on smartphones.

After a first financing from Educapital and Karista ( through the Paris Region Venture Fund), AppScho has become the reference in student mobile application solutions in France:

– 100+ higher education institutions customers (universities, engineering schools, business schools);

– 500,000 students use an AppScho mobile application;

– 100 million sessions on its mobile apps since 2018.

This is a new chapter in the history of AppScho which confirms the solidity of its vision and Ready Education’s confidence in its potential for development and its integration within the newly formed group. AppScho is thus firmly in line with a global economy in full transformation, where EdTech occupies a predominant place.

A common ambition: to improve the student experience worldwide

For the past 7 years, AppScho has been supporting institutions – both public and private – in their digital transformation projects. This merger, because it confirms the maturity of French higher education in terms of digital technology, allows the recognition of French institutions in Europe and across the Atlantic.

The two players, grouped under the Ready Education brand, now account for 4.5 million students worldwide from 525+ leading institutions, including Harvard Law School, McGill University, University of Birmingham, Nottingham Trent University, Utrecht University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Sciences Po Paris, HEC Paris, ESSEC Business School, Ecole Polytechnique and Université Catholique de Louvain.

With this combination, the two companies affirm their ambition to set a new global standard for student communication and engagement. They are combining their strengths in products, talents and approaches and approaches to make the student experience ever more digital, mobile and inclusive.

The combined entity is now the global leader in student experience.

Ready Education acquired UK-based Collabco and Dutch champion StuComm, two EdTech companies that also specialize in mobile campuses, in early 2021.

AppsScho and Ready Education, a natural fit

For more than 10 years, both companies have been involved in the digitalization of higher education. Their services have become essential in the daily life of students and in the institutions they support.

They offer higher education institutions mobile application solutions and complementary services that centralize all of the institution’s services on cell phones, improve the student experience, better communicate with their audiences and strengthen their digital influence. In this respect, the Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated the relevance of this type of tool by enabling institutions to keep in touch with students who have been isolated during successive lockdowns.

AppScho and Ready Education have similar goals, visions and values, as well as aligned organizational cultures and highly complementary offerings. By joining forces, they will combine their knowledge, experience, and resources to provide added value to their institutional partners and the students they serve.

AppScho and Ready Education share:

– A common mission: to foster student success and engagement.

– The same approach: to support higher education institutions in the digitalization of their campuses.

Today, the two players are coming together to:

– Bring their teams together and accelerate their development plan;

– Offer the most comprehensive products and services to their client institutions;

– Affirm their position as world leaders in the mobile student experience.

The new group will have 110 employees.

Local roots, global reach

The new alliance will leverage its presence in 21 countries to continue to provide and enhance localized experiences that ensure all higher education institutions can foster student success and engagement.

The offices in Montreal, Paris, Utrecht and Liverpool will better serve the interests of clients wherever they are in the world and whatever their type.

This collaboration will provide existing clients with the benefits of an experienced global network, the stability of a well-funded organization, and access to the best mobile campus offering in the market.

“For the past 7 years, AppScho teams have been working alongside French higher education institutions to offer the best digital experience to their students. Our partnership with Ready Education is an extension of this common ambition and an opportunity for us to further improve the daily lives of students in France. By now offering a world-class mobile campus solution, we will further accelerate the digitalization of French higher education.” Victor Wacrenier, CEO and co-founder of AppScho & Antoine Popineau, CTO and co-founder of AppScho.

“It’s been a great year for Ready Education, and we’re thrilled to welcome our new colleagues at AppScho on board. Their commitment to making student success their priority reinforces our ambition to deliver the best digital campus in the world. This will benefit all of our stakeholders, including our customers, partners, students and employees.” Gary Fortier, CEO of Ready Education

About AppScho

Founded in 2014, AppScho is the leading EdTech startup in France in the field of higher education. AppScho offers a mobile application dedicated to students that centralizes all the services and content of the institution on mobile (calendar, grades, absences, mappings, events…). As an expert in the student experience, AppScho’s mission is to make students’ daily lives easier by allowing them to manage their entire education directly from their smartphone. AppScho supports 100+ higher education institutions (universities, engineering schools, business schools) and their 500,000 students in France, Belgium and Italy.


AppScho is financed by Karista, the Paris Region Venture Fund, Educapital

About Ready Education

Used by over 425 institutions to build community and retention, Ready Education is the leading mobile student engagement platform with a mission to improve student success worldwide. Their student-centric mobile app meets students where they are and provides a one-stop digital shop to communicate, connect with peers and faculty, access campus resources, and easily manage classes and finances. With a 90% student adoption rate and top rated apps, the platform is key to creating a digital experience for students.


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