Building a European platform

Karista's ambition mapping over the years

Karista has seen a steady and noticeable expansion in Europe during the past 20 years. Karista, formerly known as Cap Décisif, began its operations in the Paris region but soon broadened its investment scope to include all of France and subsequently Europe.

In the context of consecutive global waves of technology innovation and the influx of international deal flow opportunities, the investment team is continuing to grow its operations geographically in search of the finest opportunities. 2020 was a pivotal year for the management company as it changed its name to Karista to better reflect its European focus and global ambitions. Karista is now present in Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium through several international investments and co-investments.

Continuing this strategy of gradual expansion, Karista is currently focusing on expanding into new European areas, particularly through its HealthTech fund and its SpaceTech fund, to support top-performing teams operating in these sectors. Karista’s sustained growth leverages the firm’s broad international network and deep expertise in various technology sectors where Karista has emerged as a key player: HealthTech, SpaceTech and Digital.

Karista has been intentional about concentrating on high-performance and resilient sectors, transitioning from a French generalist to a European specialist. This sector-based strategy has historically allowed Karista to build proprietary dealflow and position itself as a natural lead investor in high-value projects and enabled the construction of a balanced and geographically diversified portfolio.

As a result, Karista specialized funds benefit its investors from the best value potential businesses across various venture cycles.

Elodie Cholat

Investor Relations Director

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