DEEMEA announces a €4 million funding round to step up the European deployment of its AI platform dedicated to clinical research

DEEMEA announces a €4 million funding round to step up the European deployment of its AI platform dedicated to clinical research

DEEMEA is a digital health startup that is revolutionizing biomedical research with its AI-guided software platform, the "DEEMEA Research Platform". This comprehensive solution, expert in medical imaging, covers the entire clinical research process, from initial data collection to statistical analysis of results. It ensures efficient and rigorous data management through its advanced structuring features and integrated quality assurance. Moreover, the platform offers specialized applications for automatic image annotation and data review, thus facilitating their interpretation and validation by experts.

DEEMEA is strengthening its capabilities by forging partnerships with two investment funds specializing in the health sector. Karista, a European venture capital management platform with over 20 years of experience in the health and software sectors. And YZR Capital, a new dynamic player in German venture capital, who made a remarkable entry on the European scene in 2021 with targeted investments in healthtech. Thanks to these new partners, DEEMEA will benefit from financial support and a network of experts, which will enable it to continue its development and achieve its ambition of revolutionizing clinical research in medical imaging.

Founded in 2020 by an association of physician-researchers and entrepreneur-investors specialized in AI, DEEMEA is led by Charlotte Pouchy, a clinical AI passionate who previously worked at Therapixel and Incepto Medical. The company draws its innovative positioning from the business needs and experience of its founding and management team. Its name and motto, "DEEp learning for Medical Evidence Analysis", define its ambition: to revolutionize the world of biomedical research through new machine learning technologies.

The company launched a unique solution earlier this year allowing the digitalization of all stages of medical imaging data management for clinical research. After 3 years of research and development, it has an end-to-end platform that integrates universal APIs, so-called "foundation" AI models for the main modalities in radiology, as well as a large library of AI algorithms for automated quality control. It also offers a set of proprietary or open-source deep learning algorithms, targeting pre-interpretation for orthopedics, rheumatology, oncology and specific rare diseases. This solution stands out as the first European platform offering a federated research solution, thus ensuring sustainable security and sovereignty of European patient health data.

Already, over a dozen clinical user sites in France, Germany, and Italy, as well as industrial clients in the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors, trust the French company to accelerate their real-world studies or prospective clinical trials. Benefiting from a next-generation tool to ensure data traceability and standardization of results, patient stratification, and treatment response prediction, the DEEMEA platform helps reduce decision-making times and costs associated with clinical studies.

"This fundraising with Franco-German partners marks the acceleration of our development on a European scale to provide the research world with a comprehensive, collaborative, multi-site platform, cooperative between sponsors and investigators, thus strengthening the trust and commitment of the biomedical research ecosystem". Charlotte POUCHY, CEO of DEEMEA

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