Karista invests in RebrAIn - 2 questions to Amine Benmoussa and Tom Beauvironnet

Karista invests in RebrAIn - 2 questions to Amine Benmoussa and Tom Beauvironnet

How would you describe RebrAIn?

DBS, short for Deep Brain Stimulation, is a neurosurgical procedure involving the implantation of a neurostimulator to send electrical impulses to specific targets in the brain. Think of it as a pacemaker for the brain.

DBS has emerged as a critically important modality for the treatment of various neurological disorders, such as Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, and dystonia. One of the main challenges of DBS is to identify the optimal targets for the neurostimulator electrodes. The process by which neurosurgeons identify the targets remains highly operator-dependent, time consuming and sub-optimal. In fact, neurosurgeons tend to spend a lot of time in the operating room making adjustments and therefore significantly increasing the time and cost of DBS surgeries.

RebrAIn is pioneering a solution that combines the power of its proprietary AI algorithms with MRI sequences to automatically identify the optimal targets, thereby significantly reducing OR time and improving clinical outcomes.

Tom Beauvironnet- Investment Manager

What made you invest in this MedTech company?

We were impressed by the innovativeness and vision of the two co-founders. With very limited resources, they were able to assemble a world-class tech team, develop the technology, get it CE-marked and FDA approved, and use it safely in over 450 procedures already.

Now, with the addition of a highly seasoned MedTech CEO, we believe the newly formed triumvirate possesses a comprehensive blend of skills (clinical expertise, tech, BD and commercial) positioning them for optimal execution.

The RebrAIn solution addresses major bottlenecks in DBS surgeries and there is great market pull for such a solution both from providers (neurosurgeons and hospital administrators) and corporates (neurostimulator providers). In addition, the RebrAIn solution has potential applications beyond DBS and extending to neuro-focused therapeutic modalities such as HiFU.

In short, a stellar team with a technology addressing a real problem representing a very large market opportunity. The main ingredients for a high return potential VC story.

Beyond financial performance, we are committed to investing in opportunities that democratize access to better care (i.e. provide better care for a broader population at a lower cost). DBS is currently limited to a fraction of potential patients due to its bottlenecks and high costs. Through automated and standardized targeting, RebrAIn greatly improves access to DBS while improving patient comfort and quality of care.

Amine Benmoussa- Venture Partner

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