RebrAIn completes €3.7M financing seed round

RebrAIn completes €3.7M financing seed round

RebrAIn, a commercial-stage precision neuro-surgery platform company closed a 3.7 million euros seed round led by Karista, with participation from Nouvelle Aquitaine CO-Investissement (NACo) and existing investors, to accelerate its commercial growth globally.

Nearly 60 million people suffer from Parkinson's or Essential Tremor, with approximately 6 million dealing with severe forms of the disease that are resistant to any form of medication or physiological therapies. To address this widespread problem, deep brain stimulation (DBS) has emerged as a highly effective solution to help regain independence, enabling patients to perform everyday movements such as writing, eating, drinking, or walking. This treatment reaches few eligible patients due to its complexity, time-consuming nature, and high treatment costs.

RebrAIn’s CE-marked and FDA-cleared software as a service solution revolutionizes neurosurgical interventions by coupling advanced AI algorithms with MRI sequences to provide neurosurgeons with the most optimal targets for electrode placement in DBS surgeries.

David Caumartin, CEO of RebrAIn, said: "Under a positive impact on the lives of numerous patients, with over 450 DBS procedures performed safely and effectively across 55 centers worldwide”. He added: “We are thrilled to have Karista lead our seed round, with the participation from NACO and our existing investors. This funding marks a significant milestone for RebrAIn as we continue to push the boundaries of precision surgery and improve patient outcomes in neurology."

“This investment underscores our commitment to supporting cutting-edge technologies that improve patient outcomes and revolutionize treatment modalities. This infusion of capital will enable RebrAIn to continue top-grading its team and propel the global commercialization of its precision neurosurgery AI-powered solutions” commented Amine Benmoussa, Venture Partner at Karista.

"By integrating AI algorithms with MRI sequences, RebrAIn provides neurosurgeons with unparalleled precision and accuracy in deep brain stimulation surgeries. This technology not only enhances our ability to target specific brain regions but also improves patient outcomes by minimizing surgical risks and optimizing therapeutic efficacy. We are grateful to the Aquitaine Region Innovation Development Agency (ADI) for championing our technology and for their unwavering support to our fundraising efforts." commented Emmanuel Cuny, Professor of Neurosurgery at the University Hospital of Bordeaux, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at RebrAIn.

“RebrAIn's disruptive technology has the potential to tackle significant bottlenecks not only in DBS but also in other neuro therapeutic modalities such as High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HiFU)" emphasized Nejib Zemzemi, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at RebrAIn.

“RebrAIn represents a significant advance in neurosurgical practice, empowering clinicians to deliver personalized and precise care to patients with neurological disorders,” added Jean- Pierre Renaudin, President of NACo. “We are very pleased to support the company alongside Karista and other existing investors.”

About RebrAIn

RebrAIn is a Bordeaux-based company that enables precise targeting for DBS treatment for patients suffering from severe Parkinson's or essential tremor disease. Its SaaS solution helps neurosurgeons to precisely identify the target area to aim for electrode surgical placement. Its novel approach use machine learning clinical patient data to predict optimal treatment zone in each patient brain.

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About NACo

Founded in 2017 by Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine, NACo is an evergreen investment vehicle with 95 M€ assets under management. Funded by Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine as single Limited Partner, NACo’s investment thesis is, by leveraging private funding with public funding, to support the financing of highly ambitious companies headquartered in Nouvelle-Aquitaine aiming to generate values on a triple bottom-line: economic, social, and environmental. While sector agnostic, NACo inherits from the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine strong focus on technology driven companies. NACo invests alongside with privately funded investors on a strict “pari- passu” basis. NACo namely invests in startups across all maturity stages: at pre-seed and seed stages, before revenues; at Series A, once product market fit is reached; at later stages, once profit market fit is proven.

Since September 2022, M/Capital Partners has been appointed by Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine to advise NACo’s deployment. M/Capital Partners, a French independent private Asset Management Company located in Bordeaux, Montpellier, Marseille, Nice, Paris, and Toulouse with 800 M€ under management and 70 employees.

About David Caumartin

David is a well-rounded MedTech CEO. He has a strong track record building and scaling world- class companies in the MedTech space in Europe, USA and Asia. Amongst many other entrepreneurial roles, he most recently held the CEO position at publicly-traded Theraclion, where he raised over 50m€ over 8 years. Prior to that, David spent 15 years at GE Healthcare, holding various senior roles internationally, leading global sales, marketing and strategy.

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