Incepto, the French digital health specialist, is raising €27M to support its European development

Incepto, the French digital health specialist, is raising €27M to support its European development

Paris, September 19, 2022

Founded in 2018, Incepto is a unique platform on the market that offers doctors and hospitals access to a portfolio of solutions based on artificial intelligence, designed to improve the quality of diagnoses, and save time for medical teams, without having to change equipment. In order to support its growth at a European scale, Incepto is raising €27M today. The financing round is led by LBO France's Venture - Digital Health team, with the participation of Wille Finance and the historical investors AXA Venture Partners, the Patient Autonome fund of Bpifrance and Karista. This financing marks a new stage for Incepto, which is launching its offer in four new countries in Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal).

As part of Incepto’s development, four new subsidiaries are created in Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal with the aim of anchoring its position as European leader in the sector. with the goal to treat one million European patients per month by 2024.

From a French start-up to a European scale-up

Incepto is also announcing the signing of five new partnerships (IBlab, Milvue, PAIRE, Smartsoft and Thirona) to expand its portfolio of medical imaging applications for emergency care, oncology, orthopaedics, rheumatology and pneumology.

By extending its geographical coverage and developing its portfolio of applications, Incepto is responding to major public health issues: reducing waiting times for examinations, mitigating the lack of specialists for certain serious diseases and supporting doctors' work in the face of the increasing amount of data to be analysed.

In light with the explosion of the AI market in Europe, Incepto has three strategic objectives:

Selecting and make available the most powerful AI solutions in medical imaging for each specialty, guaranteeing high quality standards;

Creating, with doctors new applications that meet real needs but that do not exist yet: ARVA and KEROS are thus the first products co-developed by Incepto for the diagnostic assistance of aortic aneurysms in CT scanners and for MRI of the knee;

Supporting the transformation of organizations and working methods by rethinking patient care with medical teams to exploit the full potential of artificial intelligence technologies.

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