Karista invests in MyPL increasing its financing to €1.8M

Paris – France, March 18, 2021 – MyPL – My Personal Lifescope, a French e-health start-up, has announced that Karista, an early-stage venture capital firm specialized in healthcare, digital and deeptech, has acquired a stake in its capital. With this transaction, MyPL increases its financing capacity to €1.8M to drive the development of its personalized augmented medicine platform in France and internationally, and to carry out the first implementations in hospitals.

MyPL is an e-health software platform, founded by a doctor and two experienced healthcare professionals, for which CE certification as a medical device is ongoing. It is build on a global approach to patient data, which helps healthcare professionals to determine accurately the personalized therapeutic strategies to be implemented for a given patient, particularly in the case of cancer patients. This unique data visualization solution, exclusively developed by MyPL, allows a large amount of data as well as the patient profile to be centralized on a smart dashboard. This enables physicians to get an exhaustive, unique and relevant clinical view of each case.

MyPL develops its solutions systematically with and for the care teams who are the end users.

MyPL has worked from the start with several medical boards of international experts and, notably with renowned teams from the AP-HP Paris Hospitals.

Benefits of the MyPL Platform:

  • The care pathway of a cancer patient includes, as an essential step, the presentation of the patient’s case during Tumor Board Meetings (TBM) which gather the health professionals involved with the patient (oncologist, radiotherapist, surgeon, anatomopathologist, radiologist, biologist, etc.). The patient’s assessment and prognosis are discussed and the best therapeutic strategy is determined, including possible inclusion in a clinical trial.
  • The MyPL platform facilitates exchanges between healthcare professionals for better patient care. It automates the retrieval of unstructured data in a holistic way inside and outside the hospital using its unique architecture allowing inter-operability between systems. It also enables data to be structured and organized in a smart way for each patient.
  • In the context of oncology TBMs, the MyPL platform acts as a unique decision-making tool. It enables health professionals to choose, determine and follow the best therapeutic strategies in a faster and more efficient way based on all the available data gathered on the patient.
  • For patients, this breakthrough innovation in augmented medicine, will allow them to benefit from a more effective and personalized care.
  • For hospital partners – such as pharmaceutical companies – the platform will provide access to secure, structured and clinically validated patient data. This will enable them to get a better understanding of personalized care and strengthen their ability to develop targeted therapies.

By investing in MyPL, Karista becomes a strategic partner alongside the founders. This financing will be used to do the first implementations on prestigious French hospitals, oncology centers of excellence, strengthen the team especially with Tech talents and to conduct the first observational clinical study of its e-health software platform in hospitals.

Christophe Vergne, co-Founder and President of MyPL, commented “We are delighted with this financial partnership with Karista. We share the same thirst for innovation with their team of experts in the tech and health sector. This funding constitutes a first step that will open up new network opportunities for us to accelerate the large-scale deployment of our innovative augmented personalized medicine solution in several dozen hospitals within two years.”

Catherine Boule, Managing Partner of Karista declared: “We are very pleased to be supporting MyPL in its first crucial stages of deployment in hospitals. We are convinced that the strategic positioning of this smart data centralisation and visualisation platform provides a vital and differentiating solution to facilitate TCMs.  The value of this platform is indisputable for physicians, pharmaceutical companies and cancer patients alike. MyPL is a perfect example of what digital health can offer in concrete terms today, based on cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the secure health data management.”

MyPL has recently been selected for the GerOnTe1 Horizon Europe 2020 project. A world first in oncology: the GerOnTe clinical trial puts the power of MyPL’s software platform at the centre of a new way of organizing care for elderly cancer patients.

About Tumor Board Meetings (TBM)

One of the fundamental steps in the care pathway for a cancer patient is the presentation of the patient’s case during a so-called Tumor Board Meeting (TBM) which brings together all the health-care professionals involved with the patient (oncologist, radiotherapist, surgeon, anatomopathologist, radiologist, biologist, etc.). The patient’s assessment and diagnosis are further discussed, validated or completed by the specialists who eventually come up with the best therapeutic strategy, including possible inclusion in a clinical trial.

About MyPL-My Personal Lifescope:

MyPL offers a innovative dashboard showing comprehensive patient data with the goal of helping cancer experts in conduct of their Tumor meetings.

MyPL’s automates the centralisation of data and the presentation of patient profiles in the form of an intelligent dashboard, facilitating the exchange and decision-making process between healthcare professionals.

MyPL’s clinical decision support algorithm enables healthcare professionals to choose, determine and monitor the best therapeutic strategies in a faster and more efficient way. The presence in TBMs is a strategic momentum in the patient care pathway that offers a strong potential for the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in data management related to the development and management of targeted therapies.

Thanks to its unique cloud-based architecture, MyPL ensures interoperability between information systems, data protection and traceability, implements the unique capabilities of Machine Learning and enables rapid deployment of the platform in healthcare services.

The leaders and founders of MyPL

Learn more about MyPL here

1 The GerOnTe project (Streamlined Geriatric and Oncological evaluation based on IC Technology for holistic patient-oriented healthcare management for older multimorbid patients) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 945218.

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